The strangest story of a boy and his board.

Mundano Max is set in a not-too-distant future, where most of the earth's surface has been swallowed up by a fearsome ocean. To avoid the monsters that lurk in the depths, people have taken to the skies, or to scraping out a living in makeshift "cities" formed from the hulking remnants of skyscrapers that poke out of the ocean.

Max grows up on the airship Lessev. His brilliant father has created a vessel that is almost entirely self-sustaining... but it's no place for a lonely boy with a head full of mischief. When Max steals something from a villainous salvage crew, he sets in motion events that will not only change his young life, but the future of his watery world.

Max's YouTube World

  • Mundano Max: Production Design

    Check out the ideas and inspirations behind Mundano Max! Creators Jay Lyonns and Alison Jenkins took to the beach at Vanier Park to film the submersible Ben Franklin. Its sturdy and aged-looking aesthetic has a similar look to the underwater diving equipment used by Max and his captors, the Salvage Crew.

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  • Mundano Max: Behind the scenes

    The Mundano Max facebook page offers a look at what it takes to create an animated series, including the people behind the project. Brainstorming, design, development, the tools, and the music of A.J. Jenkins.

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